My husband and I are not sure how to choose a home builder. We’ve already bought the land we want to build on, and we’ve got a particular style of home in mind, but we’re not sure about who to use.

My brother runs a home building business (Carmel Homes Design Group), and he swears he’ll never forgive me if I don’t give him our project. At the same time, he says nothing about a discount on his services, and his home building business doesn’t seem to ever work on the style and floor plan we’ve picked out.

My husband’s parents and uncle on the other hand say we don’t need one. They’re retired and have a lot of construction experience, having actually built their own homes. They’re willing to come help us erect one ourselves. I’m not interested, and neither is my husband. We want something nice, and professionally built. I’m skeptical that one can just “put up a house” without extensive training and experience.

We have found a professional home builder that’s within our budget and can do the style we like, but we’re not sure how to prepare him for the inevitable lot visits from both our families as they give him a piece of their minds.