When it comes to building a home, I leave it up to the professionals. I have said it before, and will say it again: homeowners will be buried in the decision-making about details that they never knew existed.

One of the most important decisions of the process is who will take hand to hammer, nail gun, grout, framing, and installation to actual craft my home. Getting everything in writing, and making sure that it is a reputable home builder are just the first in a long list of characteristics the home builder needs to possess.

What’s more than that is the ability of the contractor to double as something of a consultant. Some just communicate better for me, even if a friends or family insisted that another contractor had worked for their project.

That’s honestly the first point to realize. The decision is a very personal one. It should not solely be based on how great or fast a relative or neighbor’s house was built. Make sure that the estimates and contracts make sense, that you have good rapport with them, and that they have added value to the project. Mine made priceless suggestions that helped me when I had to decide between types of windows, for instance.